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Director’s Report – 2018

The 2018 Luapula Foundation Director’s Report is available for download now. Read up on our accomplishments during the year 2018 and review some of our objectives for this year – 2019.


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The Luapula Foundation was founded by Anderson Zulu, Moses Zulu and Linda Lahme in October 2001.

Initially this was a volunteer organization that has grown with funding and is focused on:

  • Advocating for policy engagement among the marginalized individuals and communities in social and economic needs.
  • Strengthening the effective performance of disadvantaged individuals and communities and community-based organizations to become responsive to their needs and demands of the others beneficiaries.
  • Strengthening and creating coordination and collaboration with strategic partners in order to scale-up best practices.

Program Areas

Community Health

Supporting parenting in first time mothers for children under the age of three (3) years through early childhood development programmes.

Capacity Building

Luapula Foundation ‘Pass-Over A Goat’ to a household with vulnerable children, improving household nutrition and ensuring self-reliance in our communities.

HIV Outreach

Luapula Foundation supports the community through Out-Reach HIV Counselling and Testing via ‘Mobile’ services in villages and small communities.

Our Partners