The Luapula Foundation is divided by three program areas.

Community Health

Luapula Foundation works towards the prevention of the spread of malaria and HIV, as well as helping to provide clean and safe drinking water.

Capacity Building and Economic Strengthening

Luapula Foundation works with out of school youth, develops programs to help families make money, assist with organizational development and collaborate with partners.

Policy Advocacy

Luapula Foundation pilots policy engagement and scales up policy engagement activities to improve the conditions for the people of Zambia.


Community Rising is one of the Luapula Foundation’s newest programs that will facilitate the system strengthening through capacity building to structures that provide and deliver services to orphans and vulnerable children in rural areas.

The Luapula Foundation offers a program catered to help young people who are out of school with skills training. Also a small program offers some assistance for college education to those who have graduated from secondary school.

Luapula Foundation has a program aimed at alleviating poverty and environmental depletion with sustainable agriculture.

The Luapula Foundation has programs aimed towards preventing the spread of HIV. These programs provide testing and counseling.